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Most boat owners in Michigan protect their boats from winter by covering it with a protective plastic layer during the offseason.  That’s why Coopers offers professional shrink-wrapping services.  We can shrink-wrap boats of any size, ensuring that your boat will be protected from the weather no matter how big it is.

In order to maintain your boat during winter, we’ll shrink-wrap the exterior, making sure that your boat stays moisture-free through the winter months.  Our team is professionally-trained in boat shrink-wrapping, so you can be sure that your boat will stay weatherproof and animal-free during wintertime.

A lot of people ask if we need their boat cover or use the poles for the cover to support the shrink wrap or they have no idea what we will be doing to the boat so this is typical how I explain it. “We do the wrapping inside to insure that the material is as taunt as possible after the boat is good and dry.  Vents are added to allow any moisture to escape and also allowing air to circulate throughout the boat during the off season. We build a structure with 2×4’s and woven strapping then cover the boat with a blue or white plastic. There are a wide variety of wrap thicknesses available on the market, but we will always be sure wrap your boat in the thicker 7mil plastic because of how much more snow load it will hold before caving in. Dryer sheets are placed on the floor, in all of the seats, and around all electrical wires to discourage rodents from entering the boat.”


For the past 40 years, Coopers Docks has built, installed, maintained and removed docks and boat lifts in the Michigan area.  We focus on customer satisfaction, providing professional dock services for private and commercial customers alike.

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  • How do you keep moisture out of the boat?

    We install vents in strategic locations to allow for moisture to escape the shrink wrap.

  • What thickness plastic do you use?

    We use 4-10 mil plastic. The thicker plastic you use, the more snow load it can handle before caving in.

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