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FLOE Boat Lifts


All FLOE vertical boat lifts are equipped with the patented Easy-Levelsystem. There’s no need to get wet when adjusting the lift to the perfect height and a cordless drill is all that’s needed! Simply turn the nut inside the leg to adjust the lift up or down.

Other great benefits of the FLOE Easy-Level system are:

• Infinite adjustment

• No pins to align

• One-person job

• Easy Seasonal Adjustment


FLOE’s VSD technology raises and lowers your boat in about one-half the time of most other powered boat lifts.  It is the most energy efficient boat lift in the world. The drive train is whisper quiet with no clicking winch gears or pinging cable. The low-maintenance sealed gear head electric motor simply spins the screw so that the ball nut travels back and forth as it pulls the lifting cable.  The industrial strength ball-screw is rated for 20,000 cycles at 10,000 lbs..  No need to ever replace a worn winch cable with a VSD lift!

FLOE also offers custom electronic control systems for easy power and accessory connection. You can quickly raise and lower your boat with the push of a button on the industrial-duty wired remote with a 25-foot cord for convenient positioning or combine your lift with a wireless remote and flood/canopy light system.  Add a FLOE Solar Charging panel and you’ll never need to charge your batteries.

Max Docks Boat Lifts

The Max VL Pro 3500 LB Vertical Lift was designed for mid-sized runabouts, 16’, 18’, and 20’ outboard bi-toon pontoon boats, or for docking two jet ski’s on the same lift.

*The industry leading 122” wide beam allows for easy maneuvering into or out of the lift and provides a more stable footprint in the water. The frame of the lift is v-shaped, unlike competitors’ straight bracing, allowing easy access to your boat from the dock. With a lift travel of 60”, your watercraft will stay dry and secure.

*All leveling cables are made of stainless steel, all pulleys are self-lubricating and/or greasable, and a dependable Lorenz winch operates the lift, assuring smooth operation for years to come.

*Select from several choices of bunks, including care free aluminum and vinyl bunks, low profile pontoon bunks, and even inboard bunks for the smaller inboard ski boats.

*Add a Max Stordry Canopy System for all weather protection, including protection from damaging ultraviolet rays. Complete your package by adding an electric winch, in either AC or DC (battery operated) for quicker and easier lift operation.

Shore Station Lifts

Pure Quality
Whether your looking for one of the safest, most dependable lifts on the market like the ShoreStation Hydraulic, or the simplicity of our original manual drive lift. ShoreStation continues to elevate the industry standards.
When it comes to your time on the water, Speed, Safety, and Reliability aren’t luxuries, they’re necessities. ShoreStation Hydraulic Lifts are the fastest on the market, easy to operate, and dependable. Our thoughtful design makes your boating simple and swift, from launch to lift. When seconds count, turn to ShoreStation.

Reliable by Design
With so many variables in the marine environment, deliberate design is crucial. The “high and dry” construction of the hydraulic lift keeps your essential hydraulic and electronic components above the water, minimizing their exposure to moisture and humidity. In addition, the solar-powered, DC operating system eliminates the need for an AC circuit on the dock, providing safety and superior performance on command. This is a lift you can rely on, day after day.

Maximum Protection for Your Boat and Lift
With cables that are pulled instead of wound, this system is designed to eliminate cable fatigue issues and safeguard against critical failure. In addition, our hydraulics are pressure regulated, so they stall before lifting potentially damaging loads, giving you peace of mind that your precious cargo is safe.

Quickly Secures Boat
When you have a Hydraulic Lift, there’s no need to worry about wind and waves getting in your way. This lift is the fastest on the market and will give you confidence to safely land and secure your boat in less than ideal conditions.

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