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Have you recently purchased a boat lift that needs to be moved across the lake?

Need a boat lift transportation service that can move your lift without damaging the landscape on your property?

Coopers is here to help!  We have all the equipment necessary to transport your boat lift across the lake, to another town or wherever you need it to go!  Our expert boat lift transportation team can move your lift without a problem.  Whether it’s brand new or used, we’ll help you remove, transport and install your boat lift in its new home, all for a reasonable price.


For the past 40 years, Coopers Docks has built, installed, maintained and removed docks and boat lifts in the Michigan area.  We focus on customer satisfaction, providing professional dock services for private and commercial customers alike.

  • Providing docks and boat lifts to the Michigan area for over 40 years
  • Combining quality craftsmanship, expert knowledge and low prices
  • Setting professional standards in the dock industry
  • Every dock is completed on time and on budget
  • Nothing less than the best service for all of our customers


  • I purchased a used lift can you bring it to my cottage?

    We need to know the exact make, model, canopy size or if it has a canopy, any accessories it has on it. This all plays a factor on the cost and how quick and easily it can be transported. Any lift with a canopy frame will have to be disassembled/broken down for transport and then brought to a boat launch or be taken up through their property to a trailer where it can be loaded up. Pictures of detailed descriptions of the pick up site and drop off site are ideal so I can see what challenges we may encounter.


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