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One of the most important steps to winterizing your boat is protecting your motor.  At Coopers, we can help you protect your motor from freezing temperature’s during the Michigan offseason.

Additionally, we offer boat storage services.  With a large outdoor storage area and a bit of indoor space, we can store your boat during the winter.  If your boat is shrink-wrapped, we’ll make sure to inspect the wrap on a weekly basis to ensure that your boat stays dry all winter long.  All boats are stored in a private, secured yard.  We’ll pick your boat up, transport it to our storage area and bring it back to our shop in Jenison when you’re ready to take it back out on the lake.


For the past 40 years, Coopers Docks has built, installed, maintained and removed docks and boat lifts in the Michigan area.  We focus on customer satisfaction, providing professional dock services for private and commercial customers alike.

  • Providing docks and boat lifts to the Michigan area for over 40 years
  • Combining quality craftsmanship, expert knowledge and low prices
  • Setting professional standards in the dock industry
  • Every dock is completed on time and on budget
  • Nothing less than the best service for all of our customers


  • What does the winterization process consist of?

    This is what our winterization & oil change includes for an inboard outboard or sometimes referred to as I/O:

    • Add Stabil to gas

    • Run engine up to operating temperature, drain oil

    • Drain and flush cooling system with bio anti freeze

    • Fog cylinders

    • Grease zerk fittings

    • Change oil filter

    • Change fuel/water separating filter

    • Drain and refill lower unit

     • 42 point inspection

  • How do we winterize a 4 stroke outboard motor?

    Stabilize fuel system, fog cylinders, drain and refill lower unit, change motor oil and filter, pull propeller and grease splines, grease all zerk fittings on motor, 20 point safety inspection of motor, boat, and trailer.


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