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What is a Floating Dock?

Unlike traditional docks which are fixed to a certain height, floating docks utilize foam material to float on the water and adapt to changing water levels with no additional adjustments.

Floating Dock Technology

Track System
FLOE’s track system allows you to add hinges, guide-poles and other accessories anywhere along the dock’s outer frame. This allows you to create a custom system with standard components.


Shallow water anchoring solutions
For water depths under 10’, FLOE offers an aluminum guide-pole and mounting bracket system for securing and stabilizing the dock sections. These guide-poles have an auger end so you can twist them into the lake bottom. The bracket allows the dock to smoothly raise and lower with water fluctuations.


Deep water anchoring solutions
For water depths greater than 10’, pilings and custom piling loops can be used to secure the sections, or an appropriate cable and anchor system can be designed.

(Consult with a professional installer for these applications.)


Is a Floating Dock for me?

If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below, you should consider a floating system:

Do you have frequent or major water depth fluctuation?
A floating dock is always self-leveling so you avoid the time and work associated with raising and lowering a free-standing dock.

Do you have water depths that exceed 8 feet?
Free-standing docks can get unstable in deeper water, while a floating system maintains its stability.

Do you have an unusually soft lake bottom?
Free-standing docks can need constant adjusting and leveling due to non-stop settling.

Why a FLOE engineered floating system is a better choice.
This completely modular system with FLOE’s patented frame incorporates a track on all sides enabling you to create a custom floating dock for your residential waterfront property or a full blown multi-slip commercial marina.

Heavy duty extruded aluminum frame and foam filled molded floats.
FLOE’s rigid, heavy duty extruded aluminum frame is the backbone to the floating dock system. It provides a solid, stable base for the walking surface and is supported by foam filled, rotationally molded floats.

The patented heavy duty outer frame also incorporates a track system on the underside, which allows you to bolt on floats or anchoring systems where you want them.

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FLOE’s rugged, well-built dock floats are made for years of trouble-free use.
Rugged, long-lasting, foam-filled floats are made of virgin polystyrene resin containing UV inhibitors. Impervious to gas, oil and other chemicals. Attach anywhere to dock frame with FLOE’s exclusive track system. FLOE floats are filled with steamed polystyrene foam for added strength and reduced water absorption. FLOE dock floats are backed by an industry leading full 15 Year Limited Warranty, which meets and exceeds USACOE specifications!


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