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Fun Foam Floats

These floating foam rafts are the perfect addition to any lakefront property. Made from dense and durable closed cell foam, these foam floats are an indestructible way to enjoy the water. They won’t rip, deflate or pop and require absolutely no maintenance at all. Just place them in the water and kick back as your family enjoys their own little foam island. Your kids will love jumping off, swimming around and playing on top of your new floating raft. They’re great for fishing, too!

Available in a variety of sizes and colors, foam floats are easily portable and can be installed wherever you like. You can tether your floating raft to the dock or use it to drift around your favorite Michigan lake. While each float is priced differently based on size, all foam rafts are under $250. Enjoy all the fun of a floating dock without breaking the bank!

foam floats
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