PWC lifts suitable for any need

The sun’s up, the temperature rises and its a beautiful day. But when the water rises, you want your boat to be safe. These lifts will lift your boat way out of the water, keeping it safe, even when your are away!

boat lift lsv1364
dock for all your toys
LSC1264 dock

Work days are made up of schedules and deadlines. Summer days should be more flexible. Our PWC lifts are not only for Personal Water Craft, but they also have the flexibility to be used with small fishing boats, sailboats, paddle boats, canoes and kayaks. We set the standard. Our lifts feature a distinctive design that is engineered for strength and dependability.

shore station hydraulic lifts
LSC850D LSC850 pwc lifts

We carry multiple brands!

max lift pwc lift
MAx docks specifications
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